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Flint Nites on The Flint Nites on The Flint Nites on The Flint


a MUSIC series...

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An extension of “Nights @ D’Town” Deck of Arts: Nites on The Flint will serve as a summer series of Live Jazz Music, Poetry, and Art Showcase.

Nites on The Flint will be held from the months of June-October Downtown Albany at Veterans Park. Situated on The Historic Flint River, this event will be $5 Adults/ $2 Kids 6 & Up for our Saturday events and we will be offering concerts this Summer featuring national recording artist which will be ticketed. For those events there will be preferred seating (upon request), which will be a set price.

“Nites on The Flint” will include live entertainment by local and area jazz, funk, blues, and neo-soul bands and musicians. This event will close out the summer with vendors, food, drinks, and art that will be on showcase and for sale. The purpose for this event is to focus attention on the revitalization of our Downtown area and to shine a light on the arts in and around our community.


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